Monitoring from a distance is very common nowadays. At BSC Pool&Spa, we supply cameras designed for this purpose so you can keep an eye on your pool. Especially second home owners often make use of this type of monitoring. BSC Pool&Spa of course keeps your pool clean and healthy during your absence so that you can take a care-free dive as soon as you arrive.

We also make use these cameras ourselves for commercial pools at resorts and hotels. This way, we can monitor on a daily basis whether the cleaning has been done properly and whether the water quality is according to our high standards. These pools' water quality is measured daily, and additionally because of monitoring at a distance we are able to discover the possible start of algues growing. Despite careful cleaning, algue can start growing due to certain weather circumstances. Because of the monitoring, we are able to act fast when this happens and can prevent a green pool. Also, if vandalism occurs we notice it right away.

This camera system is called BonViewer and was developed exclusively for BSC Pool&Spa. So we are its only supplier on Bonaire.

BSC Pool&Spa