Recently, BSC Pool&Spa invested in a new pool finish system that changed the pool industry on Bonaire. Both constructions and renovations (including that of your old fiberglass pool) go much faster and will gave longer lasting high-quality results using AquaBRIGHT. Your pool will be waterproof (again) for years to come. We are the only pool constructor on Bonaire that uses this system.

AquaBRIGHT is a thermic plastic coating; a product by the brand EcoFINISH. We melt and spray it on the inside walls and floors of pools. The system has numerous benefits compared to the old, vulnerable and eco-unfriendly pool coating, which was applied by hand in thick layers. AquaBRIGHT can be used on concrete, fiberglass, metal as well as other materials.

The benefits of AquaBRIGHT

1. All beautiful colors for one price

The old pool coating was available in only a limited amount of colors and when you wanted something different, you’d have to pay extra. With AquaBRIGHT we can now offer you a great variety of blue shades, but also white, grey and sand. All at the same price! AquaBRIGHT is very colorfast and doesn’t fade, even after years of usage. Ask us for the available color options or take a look at the overview below!

2. Clear water

Maintaining your swimming water balanced is much easier with AquaBRIGHT. It´s a PH-neutral plastic layer in your pool that doesn´t interact with your swimming water. Other than what would be the case with the old pool coat, your water will stay clear. Therefore, fewer chemicals are required to keep the pool clean, which is good for your wallet as well as the environment.

BSC Pool&Spa

3. Quickly waterproof

With AquaBRIGHT, your newly built or your currently damaged pool will be watertight very quickly. Even the most difficult corners are filled with this liquid plastic spray layer. The chance of water leaking out of your pool is much smaller. Possible damages and even cracks in the surface are easily and invisibly repairable. Once applied, the material dries instantly and you will be able to enjoy your swimming pool the same day.

4. AquaBRIGHT is elastic

The movements in this volcanic rock island called Bonaire are the worst nightmare of any pool owner. The old pool coat as well as the fiberglass gel coat are hard, solid layers and because of this vulnerable to any surface movements. AquaBRIGHT on the other hand is elastic and therefore resistant to these movements. Any cracks that may still occur can be fixed easily and invisibly.

BSC Pool&Spa

5. Long life expectancy

A layer of well-applied AquaBRGHT has a much longer life expectancy than old pool coats do. This is because the material is a high quality thermos polymer and therefore a much better fit for the Bonairean climate. Also, it´s less vulnerable to cracks and wear. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your AquaBRIGHT pool for many years.

6. Smooth or anti-slip

We can apply AquaBRIGHT in a smooth as well as structured way. This means that the coating can be anti-slip and is ideal for usage on stairs, splash pads and beach entries because of this. But also your pool deck can be coated with it. An anti-slip coating is ideal for when your kids are running around the pool all the time because of the extra safety it provides.

BSC Pool&Spa

7. Easy to clean

If at some point you would want to give your pool finish a good cleanup, you can do this using the various different cleaning solutions available for this purpose without the AquaBRIGHT getting damaged or losing its color. AquaBRIGHT is chemical-proof and therefore doesn’t bleed color.

8. Tiles no longer needed

Because AquaBRIGHT is resistant to direct weather influences, it can be coated all the way up to the edge of your pool – or even over it. Because of this, waterline tiles and coping stones are no longer necessary. It looks great and saves you a lot of money on tiles. Are you tired of your old tiles? We can apply AquaBRIGHT right over them!

BSC Pool&Spa

9. Perfect for infinity pools

AquaBRIGHT is not affected by open air or direct sunlight, and is therefore perfect for the overflow edges of infinity pools. When using older types of pool coats, these edges were extremely vulnerable and could damage easily because of their exposure to the elements. This is not the case when using AquaBRIGHT - the color stays perfect and crystal clear and doesn’t bleed.

10. Fiberglass renovations

Prefab pools can become inanimate after a number of years of usage. With AquaBRIGHT, we can renovate them beautifully so they will be as good as new again. This is possible because fiberglass as a subsurface is just as suitable for the application of AquaBRIGHT as concrete is. For more details, see the ecoFINISH video on top of this webpage.

BSC Pool&Spa

Extra: Your pool can stay empty!

After the AquaBRIGHT is applied, you don´t have to fill up the pool immediately as you would with old pool coats. This is due to the fact that AquaBRIGHT is resistant to the elements and means planning your building activities is much easier.

When you are not using your pool for a longer period of time, you can just empty it. Doing this, you will save electricity and maintenance costs. With old pool coatings, this was not possible because the coatings deteriorate under the influence of direct sunlight and wind, so it has to be covered in water at all times. AquaBRIGHT can handle the elements.

The possibility of emptying your pool is interesting when you are on Bonaire only part of the year and you are not renting you house out during the rest of the time. BSC Pool&Spa just postpones your maintenance contract. Let us know when you´ll arrive and your pool will be tip-top!

Extra interesting for commercial pools

BSC Pool&Spa

AquaBRIGHT is also very interesting for use in commercial pools. It’s durable, colorfast and can handle intensive usage. The kind of damages that were easily made to your old pool coat before won´t bother you anymore with AquaBRIGHT. This means that your pool will always look as good as new. In its usage, AquaBRIGHT saves you money because the water stays cleaner. The old pool coating would slowly dissolve into your pool water, but not AquaBRIGHT. This will save you chemicals as well as pumping hours. When your pool is ready to be renovated, it will go much faster with AquaBRIGHT than it would with the old pool coating. Within no time, your guests can enjoy the pool again.

Also interesting in commercial use is the possibility of adding your logo, a depth mark or a certain text to the AquaBRIGHT. Provide us with any imgae or text you like, and we'll make it happen!

AquaBRIGHT is also available in commercial white, specially developed for usage in drink water basins (cisterns). It has an extremely safe composition, officially approved for this type of use. AquaBRIGHT is applied in numerous commercial drinking water basins all over the world. This is a very interesting application for many old Bonairean kunuku homes.

20 colors at a single price!

The supplier EcoFINISH is currently in the proces of developing more and more standard colors of AquaBRIGHT that will all have the same price. Thay had ten colors but from now on they have 20 standard colors! Would you like another color? For an additional charge you can choose any color you'd like. Bright red, yellow, violet or eh… no, for all we care rather not green (taking into account the peace of mind of our pool guys…) The 21st color 'Commercial White' you see below was especially developed for drink water bassins and is a little more expensive.

Comparison to other finishes

Attention: on Bonaire the warranty for AquaBRIGHT is 5 years.)