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Buying a pool and/or a spa is a big decision. Not just because of the expenses, but also because the type of pool and surrounding facilities influence and increase the value of you house or resort. And, of course, because you want to be sure you´ll enjoy it.

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Frank Bierings

Frank Bierings

Designated advisor

At BSC Pool&Spa, you'll work with a designated advisor. This facilitates communications and prevents misunderstandings. Of course, your advisor will contact other specialized professionals if needed. This way, we can assure an outcome that will satisfy you.

This advisor (in most cases this will be director/owner Frank Bierings himself) will lead you through a road map that starts with your request and ends with the commissioning of your new pool and/or spa. The decisions to be made regarding your pool construction and the water quality system depend on your answers to the questions below. We will advise you in the best way possible, taking into account your financial resources.

The general road map

When you want to have a pool or spa built, there are a lot of decisions you have to take. Regarding your personal preferences, but also on (technical) matters you might not know a lot about. We will help you with these decisions and ask you a number of questions, including the following.

Have you already thought about what kind of  water quality system you would like: magnesium, chlorine or salt?
Or maybe something entirely different you have heard of?
How intensively will the pool be used?
Which pump would we advise?
Which filter would we advise?

What color would you like your pool finish to be? 
Do you want tiles on your water line and if yes, what type of tiles?
Do you want tiles on the pool edge and if yes, what type of tiles?
What kind of pool deck cover would you like?
Do you want an outside shower, a palapa, divisions?

And last but not least: what is your budget?

Do you want a pool, a spa or both?
Would you like us to take care of the whole project or do you want to do part of the construction yourself?
Can we also do the entire finish around the pool (think of the deck, pump house, shower)?
How much space do you have and what do the surroundings look like?
How will the pool be situated in your yard; where does the wind come from?
Would you like a pump house?

How big would you like the pool or spa to be?
How deep?
What are you going to use it for?
Who will be using the pool?
What kind of shape would you like?
What is the soil you want to have the pool in like? 

BSC Pool&Spa


On our website you can find numerous examples of projects we did. These photos are also available in the shop. But please, show us your own example photos of what you'd like. Most likely, you´ll pick elements from different examples and different pools. No problem, we will create a great project incorporating these elements with which you will be very pleased.

In our shop we have samples of all kinds of tiles and natural stones for you to take a look at.

And of course we can demonstrate all of the required equipment, right up until the sand and glass of your future filter. 

BSC Pool&Spa


Based on the information collected above, we´ll give you our first financial offer. If you want to, we can still can make some changes.

We will ask a soil company to make an offer for creating the hole in which we will build your pool. BSC cannot do this. These costs will not only depend on the size of the hole, but also on the foundation of your yard. In soil can be dug, but clip must be hewed. The latter will be more expensive because to do this, an enormous, specialized machine is needed.

After this has been done, we will finalize the design, which we´ll discuss with you, potentially re-adjust, and discuss again until you´re completely satisfied.

This is when you receive our final financial offer. In it, we also include the time schedule; when the building will start and what the expected construction time is.

BSC Pool&Spa


Then, finally the construction can start: laying out the shapes, measuring hights, digging or hewing the hole and building the foundation, the walls, the pool floor, the stairs… It'll really start to look good now.

Next, the foil, the pipes and the wires, the filter installation… Then, the pool finish is applied, which is the coating of your pool. If you chose tiles, these will now be placed. In the mean time, the pool deck will be poured, and any separations, outside shower and other accessoires agreed on are being realized.

When this has been done, any final tiles or stones will be places and the last details will be taken care of. We can now start filling the pool.

Right away, we will balance the water and you can start enjoying the pool. As well as your yard's regained peace...


Below, the photos demonstrate various phases of the building processes of different pools.