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We sell the original Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil. The magnesium in it comes from the famous Zechstein mine in Groningen, the Netherlands, which we also use for our Magnapools.

Experience the various health benefits of magnesium with this magnesium oil:

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves pain
  • Heals and softens the skin

There is a reason why magnesium has been used in spas and massage therapies for thousands of years.

You can apply the oil generously on for example your entire arms or legs on a daily basis. Or you can choose to treat only a certain, painful muscle with it. For instance a cramped neck muscle, for which one or two drops of magnesium oil will be sufficient.


Magnesium & Skin

Magnesium is good for the skin. It makes it softer, pores narrow down, and dirt and dead skin will come off. Acne and rosacea decrease and users even report reduced and more shallow wrinkles. For the latter we have no scientific evidence, but by all means try it yourself!

The general advice is to apply a very thin layer of magnesium oil on the face before going to sleep. You don’t need more than one little spray for this. When you wash it off with water in the morning you will notice the difference: the magnesium oil functioned like a soft scrub. Because your body will absorb the magnesium through your skin (don’t wash your hands after applying), you will be able to sleep better as well.

You can also apply the magnesium only on certain skin spots you would like to treat. Because of the fact that people who suffer from skin diseases often benefit from swimming in a Magnapool, they may also benefit from directly applying magnesium oil on their skin. However, always try the magnesium on a small part of the skin first.

Don’t use the magnesium oil on damaged or open parts of skin. Because the oil is very salty, this can be rather painful. Also, on your face it may sting a little, but that only lasts for a couple of minutes. If it bothers you, rub it off with a wet cloth and the stinging will end immediately.

When you see this logo on the Magnesium Oil bottle, you know it's real Zechstein.

When you see this logo on the Magnesium Oil bottle, you know it's real Zechstein.

After applying magnesium oil on my face a few nights in a row, red spot had disappeared and my skin was much smoother.
— Ella van Oostrom, customer

The active component of the magnesium oil is magnesium chloride. This is mixed with water. Therefore, magnesium oil is not acutally an oil but rather a liquid with an oily feel to it. On top of the magnesium oil, we also sell magnesium gel. The active component in the gel is the same as in the oil, but the gel mixture is more concentrated. On for example a sore muscle, one drop will be enough. So your flacon will last a very long time.

Magnesium oil, spray flacon, 200 ml: 20 dollars
Magnesium gel, bottle, 250 ml: 20 dollars

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Bon dia Frank. Just wanted to let you know: I´m very happy with the magnesium oil. Here in Holland I suffer a lot from my fibromyalgia. The oil relaxes my muscles and because of it I have less pain and sleep better.
— Astrid Roedoe, customer