If because of a handicap you have trouble entering or exiting regular pools, we can build yours so that you can make optimal use of it. Of course, we do this according to your needs and can also contact specialized businesses and organizations all over the world for advice.

On Bonaire, we work with Bonaire Mobility Services. This company is specialized in aids and adjustments for the disabled. These include regular adjustments and amenities, but also customized ones.  Any decisions will only be made after carefully deliberating with you, so all adjustments made will be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Another example of an organization on Bonaire that focuses on policy making and advocacy for the disabled is MiVaBo, with whom you can always request more information.

Regarding the adjustments, these include for example less steep stairs or an extra railing so you can support yourself on both sides. But also a pool lift, that can lower you into the water from your wheelchair. We have experience with these kinds of adjustments and would love to go over the possibilities with you. One of our partners in return to deck handrails is S.R. Smith. Take a look at their website for more options.

BSC Pool&Spa is the only pool constructor on Bonaire that works with AquaBRIGHT as a pool finish. This system has many advantages compared to the old pool coating. One of those is we have an anti-slip version. A ramp or stairs will be much safer when using this type of AquaBRIGHT. Also, we can apply this material onto many different subsurfaces, for example on railings. Because of this, you can design your own package of personalized pool adjustments that work for you and that get you into and out of the water safely.