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With our new AquaBRIGHT pool finish, your pool doesn't require tiles in it or on its edges anymore. However, pool tiles are still beautiful and therefore we continue to supply them for you.

Choosing your pool tiles usually exists of three decision phases; being the waterline tiles (the upper part of the walls), the coping stones (on top of the walls), and the tiles for the pool deck on which you walk.

  • Waterline tiles: you can choose between baked tiles or glass tiles, both available in several colors: uni or blended, and in several sizes.
  • Coping stones: with these, you can choose between baked tiles or natural stone. This edge has two functions: to soften the outskirts of the pool and to prevent dirty and dusty rain water from entering your pool. We supply several shapes, sizes and colors of these stones.
  • Pool deck: you can choose between baked tiles and natural stones. The latter have the benefit of not absorbing the heath of the sun, as walking on hot tiles with bare feet isn’t too comfortable.

Our main supplier is Tilexpressions. Click here for to see their product catalogue. Of course, we can order anything you want from anywhere, For instance take a look at Stonehardscapes for natural stone tiles and at Artistic Paver for concrete tiles.


Visit our shop or call us for more information. You can find our contact information here.

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