Magnapool: soft and healthy swimming water with natural minerals.
— BSC Pool&Spa

In Magnapools, the quality of the water is taken care of using magnesium. So you no longer need chlorine. Magnesium is not only better for the environment, but also much healthier for the swimmer. Because of this, magnesium is rapidly conquering the world as well as Bonaire! 

The advantages of magnesium:

  • Always bright and clear swimming water
  • Optimal water quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Healing effects

Magnapools are additionally eco-friendly because you'll save on water and electricity.


BSC Pool&Spa

Healing effect

Magnesium has been known for its healing effects for thousands of years. It’s not only used in pools, but also in spas and various massage therapies. Especially people with (chronical) nerve conditions and muscle- or skin problems benefit a lot from its use. Absorption through the skin works many times better than taking pills.

Magnesium relaxes the muscles, detoxifies the body and decreases stress and pain. Swimmers no longer experience red eyes, breathing problems and chlorine smells. On top of that, magnesium contributes to softer skin and hair. 

The system

In magnapools, the water stays clean because of the use of magnesium, mined from the Zechstein mine in Groningen, Holland. The Magnapool technique is originally from Australia and has proved it´s value already.

For optimal swimming water, we use a glass filter and an advanced pump system. BSC Pool&Spa is specialized in Magnapools and their only supplier on Bonaire and even in the entire Caribbean. Of course, we also supply chlorine and salt systems if you prefer those.


So a Magnapool is interesting for everyone!

BSC Pool&Spa