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The great thing about designing your own swimming pool, is that you can have it exactly the way you like. Find out about all of the options we offer and let your fantasy take over in order to reach the ultimate feeling good!

For instance, are you an avid sports swimmer but don´t you feel like having a professional sized pool? Then you could take a jetstream. By swimming against the current you can get your exercise in only a few square meters.

Would you love to have some water in your yard but do you have little kids? Then a splash pad would be a good option. This isn't a pool with a certain depth, but a pad from which waterjets squirt and on which your little ones can play safely. We can also build a splash pads in swimming pools, if you like.

You don't have the space or the means for a big pool? Then opt for a plunch pool. A tiny little pool in which you cannot do your laps but you can relax, cool off, or do your daily aqua training.

Especially when your pool is situated on a slope or when you have an ocean view, an infinity pool is beautiful. The back wall of the pool will be so low that the water is floating over at all times. Of course, this water is collected and taken back into your pool through the filter system.

BSC Pool&Spa

Is the back wall of the infinity pool not low enough to enjoy the view behind it? Then a glass wall is a great option. As an example, see the picture on top of this page.

Also very cool is music under water. We can install waterproof music speakers in pool walls. Do you want to hear some pop, or do you prefer classical music? One of the pools where we installed music under water is the Divi Flamingo Resort pool, which we renovated completely only recently.

Of course, you can add fountains and waterfalls to any pool (or spa). The feeling of water falling down on your head and back is incredibly relaxing. On top of that, the splashing water is great to watch or to listen to from your porch.

Apart from these, there are many other options. Share your wildest ideas with us and together we´ll figure it out!

BSC Pool&Spa is the only pool constructor on Bonaire that works with AquaBRGHT as a pool finish. This system has many benefits compared to old pool coatings for both new swimming pools as well as for renovations. But it also has many other practical uses. The splash pad and everthing you want on it can be coated with AquaBRIGHT. There´s an anti-slip variant that is very suitable for this. Also, we can cover for instance slides and water streams with it.