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Would you love to have a Magnapool and do you currently have a swimming pool with a chlorine system? If so, BSC Pool&Spa can be of service to you. We have the techniques to convert your existing chlorine pool into a nourishing Magnapool in a relatively simple and quick way. The lead time for this job is only half a day!


Your current filter system determines the amount of work and the total costs of this conversion project. In some cases, the filter or its content have to be replaced.

When converting your old pool into a Magnapool, we install a computer and a cell that measure the quality of the water automatically, after which the exact amount of magnesium chloride needed to keep your pool bright and healthy is determined. The computer and cell will be placed between the filter and the pool.

When this has been done, the best option would be to refill your pool with new, clean water. However, this isn't 100% necessary. If for example you are not able to drain such an amount of water, or you think it's too much of a waste, you can just leave the old water in. The chlorine will still be in there, but will slowly yet completely dissove with time.

Next, the magnesium flakes are added to the water. This will be a big quantity: dozens of kilos. After this, you can start swimming in your pool right away and you’ll experience the difference immediately!

Basically, the magnesium will have to be re-added only once a year because it doesn’t dissolve like chlorine. Only due to the filter's backwashing, some magnesium is lost. However, also with a lower quantity of magnesium your pool will work well and stay balanced as the computer constantly recalculates and adapts its work. 

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The costs of the conversion depend on the size of your pool, the needed costruction materials and the total number of labour hours. Ask us for a financial offer for your specific pool.

The structural costs of a Magnapool are lower than those of a chlorine pool. This is due to the Magnapool's cleaner water, because of which less water is wated in backwashing and the pump won't have to work as many hours. Also, maintenance is cheaper. Of course, the computer does use some additional electricity.

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