When building your swimming pool, a spa can be built in while we're at it. Similar to your pool, any size or shape is possible.

We also provide prefab spas, which we can place and install for you. The water quality of your spa is easy to handle yourself. Of course, we will provide you with professional advice on how to do this. A nice spa for 2 people starts at 5,000 dollars.

We mainly work with supplier Premium Leisure.

Leisure´s Edge
Sterling Leisure
Health ´n Leisure
Fitness Leisure

BSC Pool&Spa is the only pool constructor on Bonaire that works with AquaBRIGHT as a pool finish. This system has many benefits compared to old pool coatings for both new spas as well as for renovations. So also your old spa could get an updated look with AquaBRIGHT.