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Natural               Technique               Allways on level


The concept of Magnapools has been designed according to the blueprints of nature; as the ocean doesn't need buckets full of chemicals to keep its water balanced either. The Magnapool system primarily uses natural ways of keeping your swimming pool clean. It’s a pool filled with mineral water!

The whole process is computer-controlled. So you don´t have to worry about it. Of course, if we agreed on a maintenance contract, we will check water quality for you. This way, you know you´ll always be swimming in a safe and healthy pool.

BSC Pool&Spa


One of the Magnapool's technicalities that is based on natural processes is the filtering system. The specially designed filter system efficiently removes microscopically small organic substances from the water, so bacteria don´t have any breeding ground.

Also, this system converts the magnesium minerals into magnesium hydroxyde, which is a natural coagulation substance. This merges even the smallest organical impurities into tiny flakes, so that the filter can cleanse those out of the water. Bacteria and algue don´t stand a chance this way.


Allways on level

Other than what is the case with chlorine, magnesium doesn´t dissolve in your pool. Basically, the mineral will always remain on the level required to keep your pool healthy. This means you don´t have keep on adding more of it, like you do with chlorine. Of course, there is some loss of magnesium due to the backwashing in your filter, which pumps magnesium water out of your pool. But thanks to the computer, the system will keep on working optimally, though some new magnesium will have to be added eventually.

For most pools, adding new magnesium flakes once a year will suffice. For instance, a pool of 40,000 liters requires 40-50 kilos of magnesium to stay balanced. The costs of the magnesium are included in your maintenance contract. If you do your own maintenance, you pay 35 dollars per 10 kilos of magnesium flakes. On Bonaire,  BSC Pool&Spa is the only supplier of these flakes.

BSC Pool&Spa