BSC (Building Service Caribbean) has been delivering quality construction on the islands for over 45 years, of which 30 years on Bonaire. When swimming pools became an increasingly important part of our activities, this section of the company was designated BSC Pool&Spa. Our other company was named BSC Painting. The latter mainly focuses on painting, but also does glass- and wallpaper work.

Over the past few years, BSC Pool&Spa specialized in Magnapools; a pool system that uses magnesium instead of traditional chlorine or salt. Nowadays, people are increasingly choosing for this system when they have a pool built. Also, more and more pools are being converted from traditional chlorine or salt systems into Magnapools. We are the only supplier of this system in the Caribbean, but of course we still build chlorine and salt pools as well.

We employ professional pool advisors. Your own, personal advisor will accompany you from the very first right up until the last step of realizing your dream. Also, we have a steady group of maintenance people who provide you with a continuously brighter and healthier pool. If needed, they will solve any malfunction or damage quick and neatly. For us, excellent quality is self-evident. And besides that, we safeguard your ‘feeling good’. When living on a tropical island, whether permanently of for a few weeks, you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you!

BSC Pool&Spa

BSC's standpoints

  • Personal cooperation and involvement with our clients
  • High product quality and long term service
  • Social and environmental involvement with the beautiful island of Bonaire.

Our mission

BSC Pool&Spa delivers Feeling Good by building excellent pools according to the personal desires of our clients on Bonaire. We are very much involved with them, as well as with the Bonairean society and environment as a whole.

We deliver FEELING GOOD by building excellent pools.
— Part of mission statement BSC Pool&Spa
BSC Pool&Spa