Magnesium has a positive effect on your health and well-being because of its strong influence on both body and mind. Anyone will benefit from swimming in a Magnapool, but especially people with (chronical) nerve-, muscle- or skin problems often profit immensely.

In magnesium water you feel lighter than you do in other types of water, giving you a sense of ´feeling good…´. There is a reason why magnesium has been used in spas and massage therapies for thousands of years already. 

Other advantages:

  • Anti red eyes
  • No breathing problems
  • No chlorine smells
  • Soft for skin and hair


The effects:

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Lowers stress
  • Decreases pain
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After a few times of aqua jogging in a magnesium pool, we didn´t need our eye drops anymore. For me it´s just Magnapools now!
— Lizzy Zeeman, former swimming instructor

Try it out

If you would like to try swimming in a Magnapool before taking the decision of getting the system for yourself, you can take a test dive at a number of resorts on Bonaire that have already switched to Magnapools. One of those is Hillside Apartments Bonaire. Normally, visitors pay 5 dollars per person to swim here, but when you are discussing the option of purchasing a Magnapool with us, you can swim at Hillside Apartments for free for a day.. Just let us know if you intend to do this.

Another way of experiencing the health benefits of magnesium is by means of magnesium oil. Pills don't usually work as well because of the fact that magnesium minerals are better absorbed through the skin. The skin works as a natural filter and because of this, overdosing is nearly impossible.

This magnesium oil, made of magnesium obtained from the well-known Zeichstein mine in Groningen, Holland – the same that goes into our Magnapools - is available at our shop at Bulevar Julio A. Abraham 13a. A 200 ml. bottle costs 20 dollars. This will last you a long time.

We ask our customers and other users of the Magnapool and magnesium oil to share their experiences via Facebook and Twitter. Those will be placed on this website on the 'Posts & Tweets' page. If you want share your feedback privately, please send us an email or PM. We´re looking forward to hearing from you!

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