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We are extremely enthusiastic about the Magnapool. Not just because we´ve had enough of those chlorine smells but especially because of the positive influence it has on one’s health and wellness.
— Frank Bierings, BSC Pool&Spa


We are specialized in (and also the only Caribbean supplier of) the so-called Magnapool. With this system, the water quality is regulated by means of magnesium. When building a pool, you can choose for this system instead of the more traditional chlorine (or salt). There are also other, less often used systems. Ask us about those.

With Magnapools, the water quality is constantly measured and arranged by a computer that also controls your pump. For optimal filtering of your swimming water, we will install a glass filter in your Magnapool. This will filter the water better, reduce the chance of unwanted bacteria, and additionally has a longer lifespan than sand filters do.

We, and with us all users, are extremely enthusiastic about the Magnapool. Not just because we´ve had enough of chlorine, which always smells, stays in the air and your clothes for too long, causes itchy eyes, irritated skin and even breathing problems, but most of all because magnesium has a positive influence on your health and wellbeing.

The magnesium system is a bit more expensive to purchase than traditional systems are. Opposed to that is the fact that monthly pool maintenance is cheaper because the pool will not pollute as quickly. For instance, in magnesium water algae hardly stand a chance. Also, you will use less electricity (with the pump) and water (back washing) because magnesium swimming water stays cleaner.

Switch to magnesium

Do you currently have a pool with a chlorine or salt system and would you rather switch to magnesium? Then we can convert your system quite easily. First of all, we´ll get the old sand out of your filter en replace this with glass. Next, we´ll install the computer and the cell between the filter and the pool. After that, we will put magnesium flakes in your pool. You can immediately take a dive now; there is no waiting time. The small amount of chlorine that is still in your pool won´t matter, this will quickly dissolve.

BSC Pool&Spa


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When installing your pool, you can choose for the traditional chlorine system. This is cheaper than magnesium or salt. The monthly pool maintenance on the other hand is more expensive because keeping the pool clean requires more work and more chemicals.

With this system, the water quality is mainly taken care of using chlorine. It will prevent bacteria from growing so you can swim safely. The chlorine is supplied in tablets, which are put in a floater that floats in the water. This way, there is an equal release of chlorine throughout the day, also when the pump is not on. After measuring the water quality on a weekly basis, we determine how many chlorine tablets and if required how much chlorine powder we have to add.

Although nowadays other systems such as magnesium and salt are available, a lot of people are still fine with the traditional chlorine pool. Of course, the fact that it´s a cheaper system to purchase is often an important consideration.



The procedure of salt systems is comparable to that of Magnapools. Customers who choose for the salt system often do this because it´s more common and well-known than the Magnapool. It has been around for much longer, after all. We´ll gladly explain you the differences between both systems.

BSC Pool&Spa


The filter is a big cylinder filled with sand or glass. The water is pumped out of the pool into the filter, where it is cleansed and returned to the pool. We work with both sand and glass filters. Sand is cheaper than glass, but glass lasts longer: an average of 10 years for glass against only 3 years for sand. Although sand is quite a good system, it is a well-known fact that the risk of bacteria development in the filter is much smaller when using glass. With our Magnapools, we use glass filter as a standard.

We also supply cartridges and other filters.



The pump pushes the swimming water through the filter for an average of 6-8 hours a day, after which the water is returned into the pool. You can choose different kinds of pumps. We´ll advice on this procedure because the choice depends on the size of your pool and the water quality system you are using. The various differences between the several pumps we offer have to do with capacity, the noise, the use of electricity and the quality (expected lifetime). Also, solar energy is an option.

BSC Pool&Spa