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BSC Pool&Spa can build any swimming pool you'd like. Every size, every shape, every depth and every color. Whatever's on your mind, we’ll make it come true. Together with your personal pool advisor you can design a great pool plan that totally fulfills your whishes.

You wouldn’t just buy a swimming pool on a rainy afternoon. It’s something you really think through. Our relationship begins the first time you enter our store or invite us into your home. You tell us what you want and what is financially reasonable. We'll show you what’s possible.

BSC Pool&Spa

Apart from the pool's design, your choice of water quality system is very important. Are you going to choose our popular natural Magnapool with all it’s benefits for health and wellbeing? Or do you prefer the traditional chlorine pool? Or maybe you really want the salt system?

When the pool is finished, we can maintain it on a weekly basis. So the only thing you'd have to do is relax and enjoy your pool.

BSC Pool&Spa is the only pool constructor on Bonaire that works with AquaBRIGHT as a pool finish. This system has many benefits compared to the old pool coating and is available for new swimming pools as well as for renovations.

BSC Pool&Spa

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For a nicely finished, standard concrete pool of 13x20 ft., you should take between 15,000-25,000 dollar into account. We can build this in 4-6 weeks. A prefab pool takes a shorter construction period, however involves some delivery time.

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El Pueblo Bonaire.

El Pueblo Bonaire.


By far, most of the pools we generate are poured in concrete at the scene. However, if you own a prefab fiberglass pool, we can still provide the maintenance and install any water quality system you like. Additionally, we specialize in renovations of prefab pools.

BSC Pool&Spa is the only pool constructor on Bonaire that works with the AquaBRIGHT pool finish. This system has many benefits compared to old pool coatings. The material is perfect for making your prefab pool look as good as new. It adheres on fiberglass as good as it does on concrete. Cracks and irregularities are easily and effectively repaired with it. Pick one of our many AquaBRIGHT colors for a complete pool make-over.

We have elaborate experience with renovating prefab pools by suppliers such as San Juan (models), Alaglas (models: smallmediumlarge) and Barrier Reef (models). Want to know more about prefab pools? Contact us for the possibilities!


BSC Pool&Spa